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IEC Registration

In India, to start a business involved around the import and export of goods and services, the IEC Certificate (Import Export Code) is mandatory. It is a 10 digit identification number. Director-General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India issues the certificate

What is a IEC Registration?

Import Export Code  (in short IEC Code) is a ten digit number with permanent validity granted by Directorate General of Foreign Trade under Ministry  of Commerce and Industry, to any bonafide person/ company for carrying out import/export. Importers are not allowed to proceed without this code and exporters can’t take benefit of exports from DGFT, customs, Export Promotion Council, if they don’t have this code.

When will there be requirement of IE code?


At following instances the IE Code would be required:

  • When an importer has to clear his shipments from the customs then it’s needed by the customs authorities.

  • When an importer sends money abroad through banks then it’s needed by the bank.

  • When an exporter has to send his shipments then it’s needed by the customs port.

  • When an exporter receives money in foreign currency directly into his bank account then submission of IEC is required by the bank.

Price and Plan

Price may varies for different states in India
₹ 2899/-
(All Inclusive)
  • DigitImport Export Code

₹ 3899/-
(All Inclusive)
  • Import Export Code

  • Digital Signature Class 3 Individual having 2 Years Validity

  • Easy EMI's

₹ 5699/-
(All Inclusive)
  • Import Export Code

  • Digital Signature Class 3 Individual having 2 Years Validity

  • GST Registration

Benefits of IEC Registration in India

IEC is valid for lifetime

An online Import Export Certificate once issued is valid for lifetime and has no expiry date. However, it requires to be renewed / updated online every year. IE code is valid nationwide and across all factories or branches of the organization.


Required by Importers

All importers who wish to import goods in India need to have a valid IE Code. IE Code must be mentioned in all relevant customs documents. Bankers would require you to have valid IEC registration for making payments abroad.


Required by Exporters

All exporters who export goods out of India need to have a valid IE Code. It must be quoted in relevant customs documents. Bankers would require you to have an IEC registration while receiving money from abroad from your customers.


Global market reach

An Import Export registration unlocks the opportunities to reach in the Global / International Business Market.


IEC For Individuals

An individual may also apply for Import Export Code registration  There is no restriction on you to have a business registered.


Quick Processing

You need not submit any proof for import or exports for applying for IEC Code. IEC Application is online process.

Documents Required for IEC Registration

Quick Checklist

  • Photograph of all the applicant

  • Self-attested PAN Card of all directors/partner/proprietor

  • Residential Address Proof of all directors/partner/proprietor

  • Entity PAN Card 

  • Cancelled Cheque

How to Incorporate One Person Company

  1. Complete a Simple Form

  2. Submit Documents

  3. Verification of Documents

  4. Application for IEC Registration

  5. IE Code Allotted

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