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Company Compliances

For every company, it is compulsory to file an annual return and audited financial statements with MCA for every financial year. The RoC filing is mandatory irrespective of the turnover, whether it is zero or in crore.

Price and Plan

Rs 500 

Every individual, who is to be appointed as director of a company shall make an application electronically in Form No. DIR-3, to the Central Government for the allotment of a Director Identification Number

MOA/AOA Amendment
Rs 1500 

Every act of the company should be under the scope of MoA and AoA. The AoA defines internal relations between the company and its members. It also defines the rights and liability of each member of the company.

GST LUT Letter of Undertaking
Rs 500 

 It is a document that exporters can file to export goods or services without having to pay taxes. Under the new GST regime, all exports are subject to IGST, which can later be reclaimed via a refund against the tax paid.

Commencement of Business Filing
Rs 1200 

Commencement of Business Certificate is the declaration that the Director of the Company needs to file with Registrar of Companies.  Basically, this is a declaration filed before commencing the business and exercising borrowing powers by the Company.

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